Watch and Jewelry Salon – Sopron – 2020






Planning, Interior Design Face-lifting

The owner of the mall-located shop wanted to expand their services in such a way that the young betrothed entering the store would be able to choose their wedding ring comfortably, in an environment suitable for the event, while sitting at a table.

The furniture in the room was largely given, and the elegant service area had to be dreamt up in a matching style. For a total of 6 sqm of available space, we had to design a table with 3 chairs, a hanger and a cupboard that hides a mini drinks cooler, workers ’clothes and, of course, wedding rings.

As no structural reconstruction took place, the emphasis was placed on interior decoration and furniture design. In addition to the bright white color that defines the store, we subtly imported a marble pattern and highlighted it with a little royal blue. The wall received a unique mirror decoration. The chandelier hanging over the table symbolizes the ring and also attracts the eye from the hallway of the mall.