Classic Elegance – Budapest – 2020






Interior Design Consultancy and Kitchen Design

Upon seeing the property, the classic and high-style interior immediately captured the hearts of the new owners. However, after they moved in, they also wanted to smuggle a little spirit of youth into the house. Thus, the two-story house underwent a partial renovation while the kitchen was completely renovated.

Our interior design consulting service helped to ensure that all floors of the house were harmonious and that the surfaces, pieces of furniture and colors were in unison with each other.

The kitchen, which was previously in a separate room, became more centered by being partially opened towards the living room. The difficulty of the task was given by the fact that the partition wall could not be removed in its full width, so the furniture had to be connected through to the dining room, thus connecting the spaces. This made the kitchen walkable and even provided space for a breakfast counter.

The interior designer was tasked not only with harmonizing the colors and textiles, but also integrating existing surfaces and accessories into the concept.

The result is a wonderful and last but not least practical interior.